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Arab Jihadist and what relationships existed with al-Qa'ida.,May 5, 2011

4.0 out of 5 stars Arab Jihadist and what relationships existed with al-Qa'ida.,May 5, 2011
This review is from: Brothers In Arms: The Story of al-Qa'ida and the Arab Jihadists (Paperback)
Camillie Tawil is an investigative reporter for Arabic language agencies. His interactions and the trust the Jihadists seem to have in him have given the author a unique opportunity to interview key personnel in a variety of movements. As we read in the early decades before our current millennium most groups focus regardless of bases for training were within the borders of their own country. And groups with differing views would become at odds with themselves. The evolution of some of the main groups discusses from Algeria, Egypt and Libya for example are quite interesting. And almost all existed before Al-Qa'ida was invented as an administrative and training organization in Afghanistan. Al-Qa'ida's attack on U.S.A. soil brought so much pressure to bare on all Jihadist organizations with even cursory ties with Al-Qa'ida it all but caused its practical demise. 

The author, as western intelligent agency have ascertained, admits that Al-Qa'ida is now a group of separate autonomous groups that had taken on their name to lend legitimacy to their cause in the eye of Jihadist after the invasion of Iraq. Osama bin Laden was never able too unit the various Jihadist groups, but after the fateful attack in America in 2001, the Jihadist had no choice but to at least attempt to work together for their own survival as small independent groups using the Al-Qa'ida name as a franchise would. The author surmises that we will see if the new moderate ideas will overcome the radical and violent methods of those using the the name Al-Qa'ida for their own causes.

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